Bolduc ribbon orange brown Hermes designer head band

Hermès Headband

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For over 180 years, Hermès has been the face of luxury design. 

One of the most quintessential elements of fashion has been the Hermès scarf, worn by A-list celebrities and important cultural figures. Most of Hermès products like their scarves and ties are hand-made to ensure high quality, and this is all a testament to their attention to detail.

From the fashion-epicenter of Paris to the now world-renowned Napa Valley countryside, our authentic, one-of-a-kind designer headbands will be the time-piece you need to keep your hair looking cute and elegant.

Bring beauty to your everyday life with our luxury upcycled headbands. Explore and find the best headbands from our catalogue that will not only last but also perfectly accessorize any outfit. 

This beautifully patterned headband shows squares of Bolduc ribbon in red, orange, brown, black, and white with the Hermes-Paris name and logo.

Designer scarves are tastefully crafted into unique headbands, professionally made, down to the cut and sew. Modernized to fit the recent fashion trends while maintaining the vintage and classic Hermès look, each headband allows you to style your hair and experience the elegance of high fashion. 

Produced in the famous wine-country region of St. Helena, you cannot find luxury headbands like these anywhere else. Each piece is hand-made, with style, comfort, and quality in mind. 

  • Turn heads: Our Hermès luxury headbands are 100% authentic french silk. Whether shopping at the store or on a daily walk, these limited-edition headbands will be eye catching to anyone who sees you—even from a distance. Perfect for any special occasion where you want to dress up and have a classy accessory. Stand out from the usual monotonous looks with a new and rich quality piece.
  • Made for all hair textures: Our french silk headbands will keep your hair healthy, whether straight or curly. Skip the other harsher fabrics—our cushion style Hermès headbands will not only look cute but also help your hair to stay well treated.
  • One of a kind: Each design is like no other, curated with unique artisanal taste. 
  • Ships internationally: Whether in the U.S., Australia, or the Philippines, our beautiful headbands can be sent right to your home. 
  • All sales are final. 

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