Burberry Pillow

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Since 1856, Thomas Burberry forever changed outdoor attire with his invention of gabardine, a waterproof fabric used for iconic pieces like the Burberry trench coat. Commissioned to create clothing for U.K. military use and first-expeditions to Antarctica, Burberry products have always been made to not only look good but also last. 

Burberry has been a staple British brand for over 150 years, incorporating both modern and traditional fashion elements. Honoring the spirit of the multifaceted Burberry, our pillows allow you to experience the elegance of luxury designs while also feeling comfortable.

Designer scarves are tastefully displayed on square pillows, professionally made, down to the cut and sew. Ready to place in any home while maintaining the vintage and classic Burberry look, each luxury pillow allows you and your guests to experience the artistry of high fashion. 

From the streets of England to the now world-renowned Napa Valley countryside, our authentic, one-of-a-kind designer pillows will be the time-piece you need to decorate your home.

Bring beauty to your everyday living spaces by adding a special piece of artwork. Explore and find the best pillow from our catalogue.

This beautifully patterned pillow shows a variety of dogs, some wearing Burberry coats, standing in front of a Burberry building with “DOGS” on a red sign, all on a tan background.

Produced in the famous wine-country region of St. Helena, you cannot find pillows like these anywhere else. Continuing the spirit of dedication Burberry has for every product, each of our pillows is hand-made, with aesthetic and quality in mind. 

  • Turn heads: Our Burberry luxury pillows are 100% authentic silk. Whether placed in your office couch or the living room of your home, these limited-edition pillows will be eye catching to anyone who enters your space. Give a pop of color to your meetings and Zoom calls with a pillow in your background. 
  • Dimensions:  22" x 22" x 8"
  • One of a kind: Each design is like no other, curated with unique artisanal taste. Find the perfect pillow to match the aesthetic of your room, knowing there is no other pillow like it in the world.
  • Ships internationally: Whether in the U.S., Australia, or the Philippines, our beautiful pillows can be sent right to your home. 
  • All sales are final. 

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