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I launched this website to honor the incredible artistry of these timeless, luxury silk scarves, and bring their beauty back into our everyday life by creating functional art pieces. We hope you enjoy bringing their beauty into your life and home 


 From a Napa Valley Life Magazine Article 2020


Balancing Her Talents as a Gallery Curator, Artist and Proprietor

Artist Cynthia Carey has been the curator and resident artist at the Jessup Cellars  Tasting  Gallery in Yountville for more than a decade, wowing guests with her works and those of many other regional and national artists. “It’s been such a beautiful  partnership with the families of Jessup Cellars. Combining the visual arts with the experience of tasting handcrafted wines simply elevates both forms.”

Born in the Chicago area, Cynthia moved to the San Francisco Bay   Area as a child. Her love and passion for art began at a very young age, studying the arts throughout her life. She considers  her most important and educational influence was her time studying under Nathan Oliveira at Stanford University. She enjoys a variety of mediums, including painting, collage, mixed media, encaustic, assemblage, and found object sculpture.

“Seeing life in found objects is a passion that comes from deep within,” reflects Cynthia. “Collecting antique objects and papers inspires my mixed media works. I love turning found objects into fine art.” Her antique paper collages are created from original antique papers from around the world – dating back to the 1700s – creating an intriguing juxtaposition to tell stories of past lives.

Her  love  of  past   stories is also represented in her works, which are similar to Italian Frescos. These large panels  are  influenced by the patinas  of centuries-old weathered walls of the villas at Lake Como, Italy, where Cynthia’s been fortunate to spend many summers.

Cynthia also lived in the Turks and Caicos Islands for many years where she opened the ‘Harmony Gallery,’ an art and home store in the Regent Palms Resort. Filled with her unique shelled mirrors and island infused artistry, she was able to create art for clients worldwide. She was also commissioned to create this art for several high-end resorts and residences on the islands.

Her most  current  project is her ‘Wish’ boutique in St. Helena.   “This   is   everything I love,” said Cynthia. “For many years I’ve sold custom designed merchandise to Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other high-end retailers. This  brings  that part of me  back  home.”  ‘Wish’ offers unique gifts, art, Cynthia’s decorative serving trays and plates, and adorned home furnishings.





Luxury Reimagined Collection is not affiliated with Hermès of Paris, Burberry, Chanel, Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana. All scarves are independently found and sourced through secondary markets.